To access our programme there is no annual enrollment charge. Given the values that impregnate our philosophy we think you should only pay for the services you receive.

However, although we are against enrollment charges, placing an educated and ideal teacher in your home has a cost. The process of recruiting, selecting and educating requires a previous investment which you will regain if there is a minimum continuity with the program. For this reason we charge you a deposit of 57 euros, which after the sixth month will be discounted automatically from the cost of the classes.

The price of our services is variable depending on the number of hours you hire and the number of student.

The 2 hours weekly sessions are the most demanded, and cost 19 euros/hour for two or three students.

The multiple options make our program adaptable, so we recommend rating it by contacting us through any of our multiple forms of contact.

Before hiring our services we recommend Reading the recommendation’s from our educational team through our application to benefit from our programme.

Find your playmate/classmate

An economical alternative is offered through the options “findyourplaymate”. This possibility is useful for families that only have one child and want to hire our services at a better price. The parents organize themselves for their children to develop the programme together. We recommend that they have the same age and level of English.

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