The kids programme has been developed for children between 3 and 6 years old. In this phase of the programme the language is acquired in a fun and motivating way adapting the methodology to their needs and interests.

The programme content has been carefully studied to include names of things, people and actions that correspond to their environment and promote communicative situations. This way, your children will be exposed to the necessary phonemes to acquire a correct pronunciation in the future.

As the programme is developed and you accumulate NannySpeaking sessions your children will be able to express opinions, likes and preferences in English increasing their confidence in the oral use of the language.

Foreign languages are usually learnt in a closed classroom context, in a conscious way and completing workbooks or school homework. However, NannySpeaking conceives teaching English as a foreign language through a natural approach that allows the child to acquire the language in a fun way.


There are 4 choice in the programme: 1 hour, 1 hour and a half, 2 o 3 hours per week. They can be hired in one day or two depending on the time selected and distance to the house

The programme is developed from the first few days in October to the end of May, although exceptionally you can hire other periods of the year. The sessions are interrupted during Christmas holidays and Easter.

The key points of Nanny Speaking:
  • Acquire a language in an environment that’s close to the child, promoting his trust and self-esteem.
  • Use of the technique “LearningByDoing” (teaching method based on the use of objects.)
  • Individualized adaptation of the methodology according to each child’s learning style.
  • The child learns through playing and having fun.
  • Educational strategy developed by expert educators.
All of our educators meet a series of requirements.
  • They´re native English speakers.
  • They´ve been selected by our human resources team.
  • Educated in a programme designed in a way that your child can acquire the language in a fun way.
  • Experience in child caretaking

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