During the vacational periods (Christmas, Easter, and the months of June, July, August and September) we can evaluate the possibility of you taking on any of our programmes.

The programme could continue during these periods depending on the availability of the teachers. Some teachers can stay during these periods and others return to their home country. In the case that your regular teacher is not available we can evaluate the incorporation of another teacher.

How does it work?

A downloadable application from NannySpeaking will inform the families of the availability of the teacher, how long the teacher will be in Spain and when the teacher returns to his or her country. With this information in a month in advance you can plan your timetable, think about if you want to continue with the same teacher or wait until the next year.

Holiday courses
The topic method has two strengths:
Educational Strategy:
  • The contents are based on topics that the student is interested in.
  • The teacher starts with the basic knowledge the teenager has about that topic.
  • To increase motivation these activities are mixed with leisure activities in English.
  • At the end of the topic, the student receives the vocabulary and the most relevant expressions.
  • Native teacher.
  • Chosen by our human resources team.
  • Our courses are between 1 or 2 weekly hours.
  • The programme is developed from the first few days in October to the end of May, although exceptionally you can hire other periods of the year.
  • The sessions are interrupted during Christmas holidays and Easter.
Evaluation System:
  • The evaluation of the students is based on periodically informing the parents about the topics their teen is working with and the improvement of oral skills.

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